Best Car Tracker App 2024 – How Much is Car Tracker in Nigeria



Car theft is one of the most important top concerns of car owners in the country. Surprisingly, most of them are unaware that installing a car monitoring device is a simple solution. A car monitoring device is very useful in situations such as theft of vehicle and monitoring of vehicle movement to place their locations.

However, in recent years, car owners have been more interested in car trackers, and one issue is that they regularly ask us which one of these monitoring systems they can believe. At this store, you would be able to locate the best vehicle tracker. Using our pricing comparison filter, we can assist you in selecting the best vehicle tracking system. Now is the time to look for the best and cheapest vehicle tracking device in Nigeria and have it delivered directly.

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best car tracker app 2024 – how much is car tracker in nigeria

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Best GPS Car Tracker App

In this post, we’ll be rounding up the best GPS trackers for cars in 2024, based on our extensive research and analysis of the market.

1.Optimus GPS Tracker

Best for real-time GPS Tracking device for all vehicles. It comes with instant alerts and hard body casing. Looking for a powerful vehicle tracker? Then, the Optimus GPS Tracker is the answer. It is great for detecting location, direction, speed, and even more but all in real-time conditions. I was blown away by how portable and compact it looks. It’ll be easier for you to carry the device around.

You can enjoy peace of mind because you will always stay notified when any kind of event occurs. This device comes along with a waterproof magnetic case, and as a result, you can hide the device under any metal surface or car quite easily.


  • It is available for $19.95 on Amazon.
  • The subscriptions are available at a monthly fee of $19.95 per month.

2. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Best for global tracking. It has worldwide map support. The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is a great vehicle tracking solution that will let you track all the movements that too in real-time. I perceive it to be a remarkable GPS tracking device that offers versatility and is already established in the market.

The durability of the device as the overall built-up of the product looks sturdy. A SIM card accompanies the device, eliminating the need for any additional accessories. It comes with a built-in magnet having higher strength. The most remarkable aspect of this device is the installation process, which appeared relatively straightforward to me.  It is highly compatible with iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac devices. The SilverCloud app enables users to effortlessly track assets, individuals, vehicles, and more in real-time. I was delighted to discover the outstanding efficiency of the long-lasting rechargeable battery. The inclusion of motion activation allows for a battery lifespan of at least 7 days, if not longer.

 this vehicle tracker comes with an app that will let you disable the LED lights which is just amazing. Then the product’s material seems quite good and is weatherproof as well. Hence, it can easily withstand difficult weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain, and snow. This product boasts a lightweight and compact design for convenient pocket storage.

Price: It is available for $19.95 on Amazon.

You can subscribe for $19.95 a month for 6 months, $17.96 a month for 12 months, or $9.95 a month for 24 months to get updates every 3 seconds. The 30-second updates cost $49.95, $44.96, and $24.98 per month for 6, 12, and 24 months.

3. Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker For Vehicles

Best for instant vehicle movement. It comes with time to time speed alerts.It can be an ideal choice for using as a tracker for kids, vehicles, trucks, and other assets and an anti-theft car device.

The best part about the product is the battery, which can last 7 to 10 days if you use it for two hours each day. You can change the update frequency if you wish to get updates quicker. You can use this device on motorcycles and trucks.

Apart from that, it comes with a cloud-based technology that will offer you the correct data that you need. With this tracking device, you will be able to track movement on a map, customize alerts, check distance, speed, and boundaries, and more.

It comes with 4G super sim coverage that will let you have a full coverage network. This has an app that is available on Android as well as iOS platforms.


  • It is available for $14.95 on Amazon.
  • The subscriptions are available at a monthly fee of $22.95/month (USD) annually or $29.95/month (USD)

4. Samsara GPS Tracker

Best for fleet management and tracking. It comes with end-to-end support for fleet.When it comes to fleet management and tracking, nothing can beat the Samsara. This is an all-in one tracking device that can also evaluate your fuel efficiency and also track your equipment together. The tracking device also comes with one platform management which allows you to control and track data at the same time.


Samsara offers multiple plans that can be customizable. Their minimum prices start from $27/month for a 3-year contract. The hardware may cost between $99 to $148 separately.

5. Bouncie GPS Car Tracker

Best for accident notifications. It offers 15-second auto-refresh notifications. The interesting about this GPS vehicle tracker is that it works pretty well and installation seems so easy and quick to do. It requires no battery to operate the tracking device. I like how the GPS gets refreshed after every 15 seconds and you will have a high opportunity to get used in safe driving habits.

With Bouncie, you can compare travel speeds and guarantee safety. Additionally, you can quickly monitor the severe weather alerts and find out the vehicle’s position. You’ll receive message alerts that include all the essential details without having to do anything.


  • It is available for $29.99 on Amazon.
  • The subscriptions are available at a monthly fee of $9 per month.

6. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Car Tracker

Best for complete tracking options. It comes with Audio Monitoring features as well.The Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Car Tracker is a perfect choice when it comes to tracking with frequent intervals. The system allows you to track the vehicle movement in 30 seconds updates. Also, the easy to use interface for both iOS and Android helps you to go through every alert in just one click for this hidden GPS tracker for the car with audio.


  • It is available for $54.95 on Amazon.
  • The subscriptions are available at a monthly fee of $24.95 per month.


The ideal Vehicle Tracking Device comes with impressive tracking technology and an easy-to-use interface. The constant live monitoring updates will always keep you notified about the positioning of your vehicle. Choose any of these GPS car tracker and overcome theft of vehicle. Thanks for reading!


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