Hot Selling Quick Business To Do This Christmas Holidays 2024



If you are looking for quick business ideas you can do this Christmas Xmas holidays and some of them you can do as a part of the side hustle after the Happy New Year day. Here are some hot selling business to start with or without capital even low capital.

As the holiday season approaches (end of the year), it’s the perfect time to do some your entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that spreads joy and prosperity. We’ve gather 30 hot selling business ideas tailored for the unique market in Nigeria and beyond. So, let’s dive into the opportunities and make this Christmas not only merry but also profitable!

Business Ideas This Christmax Holiday for You

  1. Customized Ankara Gift Shop:

Embrace the vibrant culture by offering personalized gifts adorned with beautiful Ankara fabric.

  1. Festive Event Decor (Decoration Service):

Transform homes and venues into festive wonderlands with culturally rich and colorful decorations.

  1. Virtual Gele Tying Workshops:

Share the art of gele tying through online tutorials, catering to both local and international customers.

  1. Christmas Chicken Delivery:

Ease the holiday hustle by delivering freshly slaughtered chickens right to customers’ doorsteps.

  1. Indigenous Print Christmas Apparel:

Design and sell Christmas-themed clothing using traditional African prints for a unique touch.

  1. Jollof Rice Catering:

Bring the flavors of the season to gatherings by offering Jollof rice catering services.

  1. Local Craft Market Vendor:

Participate in local markets, showcasing and selling handmade crafts inspired by African traditions.

  1. Christmas Hamper Creations:

Curate and sell holiday hampers filled with locally sourced and artisanal products. Hamper Basket ideas such as fruits, wine and wishes letter.

  1. Kente Cloth Ornament Design:

Craft ornaments featuring the vibrant patterns of Kente cloth for a touch of African heritage.

  1. African Spice Blends:

Create and sell spice blends inspired by local flavors, perfect for holiday cooking.

  1. Suya Grilling Services:

Offer on-site suya grilling services for festive events and parties.

  1. Cultural Dance Troupe for Hire:

Provide entertainment at holiday events with a traditional African dance troupe.

  1. Virtual Storytelling in Local Dialects:

Host virtual storytelling sessions, sharing classic holiday tales in local languages.

  1. Nollywood Movie Night Events:

Organize outdoor movie nights featuring popular Nollywood Christmas films.

  1. Local Honey Gift Sets:

Package and sell locally sourced honey as a sweet and healthy holiday gift.

  1. Nigerian Christmas Caroling Services:

Spread joy with Nigerian Christmas carolers for hire at events and gatherings.

  1. African Print Face Mask Sets:

Create stylish face mask sets using vibrant African prints for a festive and practical touch.

  1. Mobile Suya Truck:

Take the delicious flavors of suya to the streets with a mobile suya truck.

  1. Christmas Ankara Fabric Quilts:

Design and sell cozy quilts made from colorful Ankara fabric.

  1. Virtual African Drumming Classes:

Teach the art of African drumming through virtual classes, connecting with a global audience.

  1. Local Christmas Market Tours:

Organize tours to local markets, showcasing the best of African holiday products.

  1. Afrobeat Dance Fitness Classes:

Offer energetic dance fitness classes set to Afrobeat music for a healthy holiday season.

  1. African-themed Christmas Cards:

Design and sell greeting cards featuring African-inspired artwork and messages.

  1. Mobile Puff-Puff Stand:

Serve freshly fried puff-puff on the go at festive events and markets.

  1. Nigerian Christmas Pudding:

Create and sell a uniquely Nigerian twist on traditional Christmas pudding.

  1. Traditional Bead Making Workshops:

Teach the art of bead making, incorporating festive colors and designs.

  1. Afrocentric Christmas Wreaths:

Craft wreaths using traditional African elements for a culturally rich decoration.

  1. Local Pottery Painting Classes:

Host pottery painting classes, allowing participants to create their own holiday-themed pieces.

  1. African Drummer for Hire:

Offer the services of a skilled African drummer to enhance the atmosphere at events.

  1. Indigenous Snack Subscription Boxes:

Curate subscription boxes filled with local snacks, perfect for holiday indulgence.


These are 30 festive business ideas tailored for Nigeria and the broader African market. Embrace the rich culture, flavors, and traditions of the season to create a business that not only brings joy but also connects with the local community. Wishing you a prosperous and culturally vibrant holiday season!


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