Top Romantic Chocolate Brands for Valentine’s Day 2024 (Near You!)



As we all know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your love than with some delicious chocolate? Chocolate is the ultimate symbol of romance, as it melts in your mouth and releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. Whether you want to surprise your partner with a box of chocolates, or treat yourself to some indulgence, you’ll want to choose the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

But how do you know which chocolate brands are worth your money and taste buds? There are so many options out there, from mass-produced to artisanal, some are cheap while some are very expensive, some others are plain and fancy. 

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the top romantic chocolate brands for Valentine’s Day 2024, based on quality, flavor, presentation, and availability. And the best part is, they are all made in Nigeria, so you can support local businesses and enjoy chocolate that’s fresh and authentic.

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Romantic Chocolate Brands

Here are some of the most romantic chocolate brands in Nigeria, that will make your Valentine’s Day sweet and memorable.

Loom Craft Chocolate

Loom Craft Chocolate is one of the pioneers of chocolate making in Nigeria, founded by Uzoamaka Igweike after she was shocked by the high prices of imported chocolate. She decided to create her own chocolate using locally sourced cocoa beans from Ondo, Osun, Edo and Cross River States, and infusing them with local ingredients and treats like coffee, konio, cashew, ginger, balla kwabo and kunu. Loom Craft Chocolate offers more than 20 flavors of chocolate, including options for vegans.

Some of their best-selling flavors are the 55% and 40% Milk Chocolate, 70% Dark Dates Chocolate, Spiced Black Coffee Chocolate, Peanut Brittle Chocolate and Chocolate Mylk and Cookie. They also make chocolate spreads and cookies, not just chocolate bars. You can order their products online or find them in select stores in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Loshes Chocolate

Loshes Chocolate is another Nigerian chocolate brand that prides itself on making premium chocolate from bean to bar, using only natural and organic ingredients. Their cocoa beans are sourced from smallholder farmers in Ondo State, who are trained and supported to produce high-quality cocoa.

Loshes Chocolate makes dark, milk and white chocolate, with flavors such as sea salt, coconut, almond, cranberry and mint. They also make chocolate truffles, bonbons, bark and clusters, which are perfect for gifting. Their products are beautifully packaged in elegant boxes and pouches, with a touch of African print. You can order their products online or find them in select stores in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan.

Pod Chocolates

Pod Chocolates is a Nigerian chocolate brand that was founded by Moji Aina, one of the country’s first chocolate makers. She started making chocolate as a hobby, and then turned it into a business after receiving positive feedback from friends and family. Pod Chocolates makes chocolate using cocoa beans from Oda Cocoa Estate in Ondo State, which has been producing cocoa since 1954.

Pod Chocolates makes dark, milk and white chocolate, with flavors such as orange, lemon, ginger, chili, coffee and vanilla. They also make chocolate-covered nuts, fruits, biscuits and marshmallows, as well as chocolate hampers and gift boxes. You can order their products online or find them in select stores in Lagos.

Romantic Chocolate Gifts

If you want to impress your Valentine with more than just a bar of chocolate, you can opt for some of these romantic chocolate gifts, which are sure to make them swoon.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Box

A classic and timeless gift for Valentine’s Day is a chocolate heart box, filled with assorted chocolates that will delight your lover’s palate. You can choose from different sizes and shapes of heart boxes, and fill them with your choice of chocolates, such as truffles, bonbons, pralines, caramels, nuts and fruits. You can also personalize the box with a message, a ribbon or a sticker. A chocolate heart box is a simple but effective way to say “I love you” with chocolate.

Expensive Valentine’s Chocolate

If you want to splurge on your Valentine and make them feel extra special, you can go for some expensive chocolate, which will show them how much you value them. Expensive chocolate is usually made with rare and exotic ingredients, such as gold, truffles, saffron, champagne, caviar and more.

They are also crafted with exquisite skill and artistry, resulting in stunning and unique creations that are almost too beautiful to eat. Expensive chocolate is not only delicious, but also luxurious and decadent, making it a perfect gift for a special occasion.

Romantic Chocolate Near Me

If you don’t want to order online or go to a store, you can still find some romantic chocolate near you, by visiting some of the local chocolate shops and cafes in your area. You can enjoy some freshly made chocolate, along with some coffee, tea, pastries or ice cream, in a cozy and intimate setting.

You can also chat with the chocolate makers and learn more about their craft and passion. Visiting a local chocolate shop or cafe is a great way to support your community and have a fun and romantic date with your Valentine.


Chocolate is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, as it expresses love, affection and appreciation. Whether you choose a chocolate bar, a chocolate box, or a chocolate experience, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. And by choosing a Nigerian chocolate brand, you can also enjoy chocolate that’s fresh, authentic and locally made. So, what are you waiting for? Order some chocolate today and make your Valentine’s Day 2024 the sweetest one ever.


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