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How To Generate Virtual NIN To Link With Bank Accounts Online In Nigeria



All the banks in Nigeria have been sending messages to their customers to link their National Identification Numbers (NIN) with their various bank accounts or risk their accounts being restricted as instructed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

While the directive was issued on December 1, 2023, banks did not start the awareness until about a week before the end of February 2024, which created a rush to beat the deadline.

One part of the exercise that has got many bank customers confused is the request for virtual NIN by the banks. Until now, many are only familiar with the regular 11-digit NIN issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). That’s the reason why we write this post on “How To Generate Virtual NIN To Link With Bank Accounts Online In Nigeria”

Without wasting our time, let’s go straight to business!

These are some topics we are going to discuss in this post;

agent code for virtual nin
how to get 16-character virtual nin
what is virtual nin used for
how to get agent code for nin

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What Is Virtual NIN Or vNIN?

Virtual NIN is also a tokenized version of the person’s actual NIN which another party verifying the number cannot retain and use in a way that puts the individual’s data privacy at risk.

A virtual NIN (vNIN) is a temporary, 16-digit alphanumeric code that acts as a secure alternative to your permanent 11-digit NIN. It’s designed to protect your privacy when verifying your identity with banks and other institutions.

The virtual NIN consists of a set of 16 alphanumeric characters. According to NIMC, this number expires 72 hours after being generated.  An example of a vNIN is: AB012345678910YZ.

What Is Virtual NIN Used For?

You can use the Virtual NIN when digitally verifying your identity with a verifying agent or enterprise who needs to confirm your identity before offering you a service (banks, airports, shopping delivery, and so on).

Banks often request a vNIN during the account linking process to safeguard your sensitive NIN information. It allows them to confirm your identity without permanently storing your actual NIN.

How To Get 16-Character Virtual NIN?

There are two basic ways, you can generate your 16-character vNIN. Using USSD code or NIMC Mobile App, you can easily generate your 16-character vNIN without any stress.

How To Generate Virtual NIN Using USSD Code

  1. Dial *346*3*Your NIN*AgentCode# (use your bank’s agent code if they provide one)
  2. You’ll receive an SMS with your generated vNIN.

How To Generate Virtual NIN Using NIMC App

  1. Launch the MWS Mobile ID app installed on your device (Android or iOS). Make sure you have the current version of the app installed or updated on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your PIN on the lock screen to continue.
  3. Select the “GET VIRTUAL NIN” button on the “Home” screen.
  4. Read through the “Enhanced Data Privacy” text.
  5. Then click on the button with the “+” sign on the bottom right corner of the screen to start the process of generating a Virtual NIN for the verifying Enterprise you are dealing with.
  6. Tap on any of the available options to either scan the Enterprise’s QR code or type in the Enterprise’s ID.
  7. A Virtual NIN is generated for you to use specifically with that verifying Enterprise alone.
  8. Present the Virtual NIN to the Enterprise for verification.
  9. Receive a notification once verification is completed by the Enterprise.

How To Get Agent Code For NIN

You can only get agent code from the bank or enterprises that needs to verify your identity. This means that each banking institution, enterprises, airports, shopping delivery has their own unique special “agent code”.


VNIN is a safe and secure way to undergo NIN verification. The 16-digit unique number is easy to generate through the app or via USSD code. Note that the VNIN can only be used for verification by the company it was generated for.

Hopefully, I believe that this post will be a great tool and useful aid for you to seamlessly generate vNIN. Thanks!


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