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Once again, welcome to Dosuggest !

Thanks for wanting to become not just a follower but an insider to help build a thriving community in which we all engage and enjoy value share, it is with great Joy we welcome you to the Club.

However, there are certain rules and guidelines by which we abide and keep to ensure the safe and transparent growth of this tribe.

Before we give you the rules, terms and conditions of the insider.

It will be good if you know deeply about us and the brain behind Dosuggest, this growth community will be strong if each and every one of us understands what we are building at Dosuggest platforms.

First, I will start by telling you about our platforms and how we monetize them even at free tuts.

We have a digital tv presence which is called Youtube channel, if you have not subscribed and turned on bell notification, please do because this also helps us grow and qualify you to become an Insider of this tribe.

Also, we have a Broadcast media called Telegram Channel (public – anyone can just join). here we post updates from our websites and videos from Youtube and Facebook.

Talking about Facebook, we are working on our Facebook page and want it to get monetised before we link it here. you might see some of our pages on Facebook if you search but none is official yet.

Until one of our pages becomes approved or verified by Facebook, we might randomly post on any of our pages.

However, the main channels to engage on are Youtube, Telegram and Blog Post here.

Is this going to Last (Legit)

We know fully well that we are not the first to kickstart such a project and any giveaway channel will definitely have two things, which are funding and ending date.

About Funding:

Our Website and Youtube Channel are monetized by Advert from Google or any third-party sponsor either from an individual or/a brand, so we are in profit as long we keep giving or serving these partners with a targeted audience and the right engagement to help them get visible and sold out.

Ending Date:

Whatever has a beginning will have an ending and that is why we want to make this stage clear from the onset that this is more than a contest, challenge or random social media giveaway that lasts for certain periods of time.

We are trying to build a membership kind of followership from this and as long as our platform last, we keep this going and not only as a weekly or monthly giveaway but even as far as recruiting dedicated insiders to become part of our team and also might train some others to become content creators in their niche or help them find their niches.

Growth is not defined as a monetary standard only but as value and impact that can be seen in the lives of many, we are building a tribe here.

What Is The Immediate Value For Me Now?

As we are planning and building for the future value for both Dosuggest and you, we have put in place a strategic benefit for our insiders now.

Here is how it works

If you are able to abide by and follow all our instructions, we have a prize for you which is/are:

  • Free Data/Airtime Reward (Any Network) to our monthly Winner.
  • Insider Membership Training.
  • Paying gig Allocation (Job).
  • Dosuggest Team Membership.
  • And Lots More.

So, What Should I do to qualify as an Insider?

Before you can participate to become an insider first and foremost, you must

Join, Subscribe, and Follow Us

On Youtube, Telegram and other platforms.

In addition, you might enrol for any of our free courses on our website (optional).

Here is the real deal!

To qualify for each month’s giveaway, you have to

(For Youtube)

  • Watch our Youtube Videos shared each day from beginning to end without skipping them (even the ads).
  • You have to drop a quality comment by the end of our videos.
  • Like and Share our Videos.

We do not have access to your activities on Youtube, so we urge you to do a video recording watching our video from beginning to end without skipping not even an ad. Also for your comment, like and share.

(For Website)

  • Read our content and leave a comment with the same name as on the telegram group insider.
  • Enrol and Take our Courses (free or paid) and finish them with a certificate of completion.
  • Share our Blog post on your social media.

We can only keep track if you use the same name though both on insider groups, social media and while commenting. you can simply send a screenshot of this.

Thank you for supporting us and we are happy to have you onboard as we journey this mission and vision.

To participate or send your message to the team directly, please send us an email.

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +2347055487338 (James)

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