Get Learnify ng Login Registration Coupon Code Free Yourself (L-Earnify Make Money)



In this tutorial, you will see how to get l earnify coupon code free for yourself and how to make money from L-earnify now. We also include how to withdraw from learnify and how to referral someone for free.

L-Earnify. ng is a skill acquisition online platform that pays members to participate in daily activities and tasks to get paid and make money online, it was launched on 26th May 2023 and is owned by an undisclosed individual in Nigeria. it is just another income program like Hawkit, PrimeShares (PSSkill) and others you may know as a way to make money online.

As inflation rises, the need to make money online or earn in dollars in Nigeria will also increase because of the Dollar Naira value in the Black market and CBN rate in mid-year 2023. which is 820 naira to $1 dollar.

To some, this is an added advantage but what of those who don’t know how to make money online or do searching for how to make money online daily? In this tutorial, you will see if Learnify is still paying, we will show you How To Make Money on Learnify, How To Join Learnify, How To Get Learnify Coupon Code from Vendor on WhatsApp and How To Withdraw from Learnify.

Learnify Sign Up fee is 4,500 naira which is used to purchase the Coupon code and seen as a valid means of registration on the platform then you have a welcome bonus while your referral gets Learnify commission for referring someone with their link.

But the most important question here is whether Learnify is still paying and how to join if it is still paying.

Let’s get started.

Is Learnify Still Paying?

Yes, as of when this post was made and from review from members. Learnify is still paying.

So, as Learnify is still paying and you are sure to get paid from this platform, the next thing is to know how to join Learnify and what to do to make money on Learnify. ng

How To Join

To join, you need to buy the Learnify coupon code from Vendor here and use the package you pay for to sign up.

Here is the complete process to create a Learnify account

How To Create Account

Before you proceed with this step, ensure you have Learnify. ng registration sign-up fee for coupon code which is NGN 4,500 Naira.

With that in mind, now you have the money to register on Learnify ng how do you create an account to become a member and earn from the website like make money?

  • Step 1: Contact our Verified Vendor.
  • Step 2: Send Your Registration fee to the vendor and wait for the Coupon code/link.
  • Step 3: Follow the link and Register.
  • Step 4: Login to the Dashboard of your account.

Congratulations! you are now a Learnify member.

Now you have a L-earnify account, what next and what can you do daily to make money online?

How To Make Money on Learnify?

If you want to make money online with your smartphone, then L-Earnify can make you the money you want. there are many ways to make money on Learnify.

These are ways to earn money on Learnify. You can:

  • Referrals: You earn N3500 for every person you refer to Learnify who signs up and makes a purchase.
  • Daily login: You earn N200 for logging into Learnify every day.
  • Engagement: You earn N200 for engaging with Learnify content, such as watching videos, reading articles, and taking quizzes.
  • Spin and win: You can spin a wheel every day for a chance to win prizes, including cash.
  • Quiz forum: You can answer questions in the Learnify quiz forum for a chance to win prizes, including cash.

You can also earn money by creating and selling courses on Learnify. To do this, you will need to create an account and submit your course for review. Once your course is approved, you will be able to set a price for it. Learnify will take a 10% commission on all sales.

Here are some tips for earning money on Learnify:

  • Be active: The more active you are on Learnify, the more money you will earn. Make sure to log in every day, engage with content, and refer people to the platform.
  • Create high-quality content: If you want to sell courses on Learnify, you need to create high-quality content that people will want to buy. Make sure your courses are well-organized, informative, and engaging.
  • Promote your courses: Once you have created your courses, you need to promote them to potential buyers. You can do this by sharing them on social media, writing blog posts about them, and submitting them to relevant websites.

Learnify is a new platform, so it is still too early to say how much money you can earn from it. However, if you are active and promote your content effectively, you can potentially earn a significant amount of money.

What is The Learnify App Used For?

This is not the official Learnify App but the website was converted by some app publisher, from search, we out that all you can do on the website, that you can also do on the app like;


About Learnify App

How Learnify Works:

1. Earn with Welcome Bonus:
Immediately after registration, each user receives an N2500 welcome bonus cashback on their dashboard instantly.

2. Earn without Referrals:
By performing daily tasks, you can unlock daily earnings:
– ₦300 Daily Advert Engagement Bonus
– ₦200 Login Bonus
– ₦200 L-EARN Post Bonus

3. Earn with Affiliates:
You can earn by referring friends to Learnify using your referral link:
– Earn N3500 per successful registration through your referral link.
– Earn N300 per person referred by your downline.
– Earn N100 per person referred by your downline’s downline.

4. Earn with Lucky Wheel:
Spin the Learnify lucky wheel daily for a chance to win amazing prizes.

5. Earn with Quiz Feature:
Answer questions uploaded on the website correctly to win prizes while learning.

6. Earn with E-commerce:
Users have the opportunity to upload their products or courses on Learnify, making it easy to attract buyers.

In conclusion, Learnify ng is a good website to join with 4,500 and make money online as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

See How To Set Auto Withdrawal on Learnify


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