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Another Affiliate Marketing Platform is now trending called MetaFlux, it is all about an online business that promises you to make money online working from home with your SmartPhone. MetaFlux has a reward system that pays for daily login and referring someone to join using your affiliate referral link. In this review post update; we show you how MetaFlux works, how to join MetaFlux, how to buy MetaFlux coupon code and a list of Metaflux Coupon code vendors and Sign up Fee.

By the end of this MetaFlux Review, you will also learn how to withdraw from MetaFlux and minimum withdrawal and days. How To Make Money on MetaFlux.

There are several ways to make money from Metaflux but first, you must pay a MetaFlux registration sign fee of 5,000 which is equivalent to the coupon code you get from a legitimate vendor like Big Steve TV.

First; What is MetaFlux?

What is MetaFlux (All About & How it Works)

Metaflux is an income-earning MLM affiliate marketing website that pays members for referral and daily tasks such as daily login, sharing advert-sponsored posts and doin challenge contests just like Vistalog which you know Vistalog is Legit

Metaflux was founded and launched on February 3rd 2024,

Now we know what MetaFlux is all about and how it works, let’s see how to Metaflux Coupon code and then how you earn as a registered member on MetaFlux.

How To Earn on Metaflux Platform

You pay 5,000 to join Metaflux, get 3,000 as a welcome bonus for new members and earn 700 naira for daily login.

This online business is also among the top businesses under affiliate marketing that you can do from home as a side hustle.

Some earning activities are reading news articles, clicking on ads and sharing sponsored posts.

Do TaskYou Earn
Read To Earn₦200
Pay To Click₦200
Meta Engage Bonus₦300
Refer Someone₦4,200
Indirect Affiliate₦300

Note; That you can only withdraw depending on the membership on the platform.

How To Withdraw From MetaFlux

Metaflux Non-Affiliate (Non-Referral) minimum withdrawal is 25,000 then the Affiliate (Referral) minimum withdrawal is 10,000.

Metaflux Platform Ghana Earning Structure

Registration fee120gh₵
Welcome Bonus65gh₵
Read News4gh₵
Click Ads4gh₵
Share Ads6gh₵
Referral bonus75gh₵
Indirect referral bonus6gh₵

Metaflux Platform Cameroon Earning Structure

Registration fee5000xaf
Welcome Bonus3000xaf
Read News200xaf
Click Ads200xaf
Share Ads300xaf
Referral bonus4200xaf
Indirect referral bonus300xaf

Metaflux Platform Kenya Earning Structure

Registration fee2000ksh
Welcome Bonus1200ksh
Read News80ksh
Click Ads80ksh
Share Ads120ksh
Referral bonus1689ksh
Indirect referral bonus120ksh

Metaflux Platform Sierra Leone Earning Structure

Registration fee400SLL
Welcome Bonus240SLL
Read News16SLL
Click Ads16SLL
Share Ads24SLL
Referral bonus336SLL
Indirect referral bonus24SLL

How To Register On Metaflux Platform (Metaflux Registration Login)

Metaflux Registration Coupon Code sign-up fee is a one-time payment of N5,000 (for Nigerians), 120GHS (Ghanaians) 5,000xaf Cameroonians and 400 SLL Sierra Leone respectively. The Coupon Code is a validation of your payment to the coupon code vendor, that is once you pay to get the coupon code, you do not need to pay again on the registration form page. once you give someone Metaflux coupon code, they can register for free without paying. you paying vendor for the coupon code you are free to join Metaflux.

How To Join Metaflux

  • Pay For Coupon code (in your currency value of 5,000 naira) to Big Steve TV (Coupon Code Vendor).
  • Use the Big Steve Referral Link to Join Metaflux.
  • Register by filling in your details on the form.
  • Click on Complete Registration.
  • You can now Login to Metaflux to start making money.

Get Metaflux Coupon Code Now


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