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SQR400 Premium Software was launched in 2009 since then the SQR400 premium bank flashing software has been updated and new upgrades added for better workflow, you can download and get the activation key from http://sqr400officialsite.com

However, SQR400 bank flashing software as the name implies is a working software that you can use to send flash funds to anyone worldwide. No matter the bank of the receiver.

On this page, you will find out how the SQR400 flash funding software works, its benefits and other useful information about getting and activating the software. 

The newer version of SQR400 is updated with all the latest features that you need now and is better than the older version. 

Here we will talk about; SQR400 Account Flashing software (how it works), Benefits and Advantages of the SQR400, Other Features of the SQR400 Bank Flashing Software, How To Purchase the SQR400 Software, How To Setup and Use the SQR400 Bank Account Flashing Software  

SQR400 Account Flashing software (how it works) 

Looking for a software application program that allows you to send flash funds to other users globally within minutes, then you need SQR400 Bank Flashing Software.  

SQR400 Bank Flashing Software send credit alerts and increases your client’s bank account balance without debating anything from your account. furthermore, this software fetches and finds loopholes within a bank’s SWIFT network.

Order for SQR400 Flashing Software here

What does SWIFT Network mean?

SWIFT Networks are unique private communication keys used to connect two or banking when sending funds from one bank to another or carrying transactions successfully. each bank Swift network interacts to exchange signals and notifications of transactions.

Money sent using SQR400 flashing software appears as real funds to the receiver bank and their bank sends them a credit alert to notify them of the transaction.

Usefulness of SQR400 Flash Funding Software (Advantages & Benefits)

  • Pay the Client Using Your Custom Name and Bank.
  • Add or Edit Client Bank Account Balance With Ease.
  • Your Real Information is Protected and Untraceable.

Latest Feature of SQR400 Bank Flashing Software

  • You can check the client’s available balance using the account information on the software application.
  • SQR400 allow Bank Profile PIN and E-token.
  • Highest Transaction maximum quantity of flash funds from 500M Euro or USD per transaction.

How To Buy SQR400 Flash Funding Software

This is the latest version of SQR400 software which is version 7.8.4, in which flash funds can be sent to any bank globally and fast using the SWIFT network better than the older version.

You can order the SQR400 bank account flashing software from the official website

go to http://sqr400officialsite.com

Do not space the URL, just copy and paste it into your browser.

on the store page,

Choose the quantity of the software package you want.

Then, add to the cart.

Tap on the shopping icon at the top right corner and you will be redirected to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, enter any preferred user account information detail of your choice but ensure you use a valid and accessible email address.

Complete your software purchase using cryptocurrency; Bitcoin and USDT are the fastest ways to get your order completed.

Once you complete payment, the SQR400 bank account flash funding software will be sent to you via the email address used during checkout.

If you wish to also get the software package via CD-ROM, send an email with your shipping address and order receipt.

How to Activate and Use the SQR400 Bank Account Flashing Software

Setup Process For SQR400 Bank Flashing Software

  • Download and Extract the ZIP folder provided with the software package via mail or by CD-ROM,
  • Find and View the document labelled ‘README’, and follow the instructions. (This is the documentation for the software).

select the file with


Windows OSMac OS
.exe extension.app extension

and you would be guided on how to install the software program.

Once the application is successfully installed,

You will be prompted to enter a username and password that is located in the ‘SETUP file’.

After verifying your login information, enter your Server Node Key to access and connect to the SWIFT messaging System.

once your Server Node Key is validated, it will be sent via your purchase email and should be kept private.

If your Server Node Key is entered correctly, the SQR400 flash funding dashboard start working.

However, read every section and enter the required inputs correctly, make sure you confirm before clicking the “Transfer Button” on the dashboard.

then, when your transaction is successful, you will be redirected to a transfer confirmation page where you can print or export a copy of the SWIFT messaging format your transaction was executed.

Finding it hard to set up the SQR400 flash funding software or initiate/complete transactions, send an email for a video tutorial or go to http://sqr400officialsite.com

To Order and contact the technical team


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