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In this tutorial post, we will show you how to check your GLO number via SMS using USSD Code. Do you want to give out your GLO number or do you want to recharge your GLO line from your bank and you don’t know your GLO number off-hand or how to check it?

Don’t worry, because this post is written to guide you on how to check your GLO number via SMS by yourself and on your phone. you may feel embarrassed by asking what is your number from your friend. GLO telecom network has made it easy and accessible for customers to check their numbers in many different ways without restrictions. The good news is that there are four to five ways to check your GLO number, which is easy and fast. You must try it one after the other to know the one that will work for you.

Four Ways To Check Your GLO Number

  • By checking your GLO sim card pack
  • By dialing the GLO USSD code
  • By dialling “1244” on your mobile phone
  • By checking the GLO number on another phone

How To Check Your GLO Number From Your GLO Simcard Pack

This is the simplest process and doubtlessly the first step to take when you forget and can’t remember your GLO mobile number. If your GLO sim card pack is still in your custody, pick it up from where you kept it and take a look at the back of it, you will see your GLO number clearly and boldly written on it.

How To Check Your GLO Number Using GLO USSD Code

To check your GLO number using the USSD code, all you need to do is follow the steps stated below

  • Get your phone and dial this code *135*8#, and tap on the send button.
  • Your GLO mobile number will be displayed on your phone screen and an SMS will be sent as well, containing the same information which is your GLO mobile number.

How To Check Your GLO Mobile Number By Dialing “1244” On Your Phone

This process requires you to get a pen and a piece of paper. Simply get your phone, dial and call this number, “1244”. When you do that, a robotic voice will gently read out your GLO mobile number to you from the other end of the line. And you have to write it down as the voice reads it out.

How To Check Your GLO Mobile Number On Another Phone

This process is probably the easiest method to check your GLO mobile number as it only requires that you use your GLO line to call or flash another number to view your GLO mobile number. For instance, dial your friend’s mobile number with your GLO mobile number, then, pick a pen and paper and copy down your GLO mobile number from your friend’s phone. Mind you that you must be in the same venue with your friend to copy it out.

You can also check your GLO mobile number by following these steps here;

  • Dial *777# on your device
  • select 4 [my tariff plan]
  • select 3 [my number]
  • Your GLO mobile number will be displayed on the screen of your phone.


It is very important to know your GLO mobile phone number in case of any urgent use whether for business or personal use. You can check your GLO mobile number in minutes using any of the methods explained in this post.

So, if you have any questions concerning this post, drop them in the comment section. Thank you!


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