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How To Make Money On EarnHive, Refer Someone To Join & Withdraw (This is EarnHive Review)



Looking for how to make money on EarnHive? There are lots of ways to earn and make money on Earnhive online. The fastest method is to refer someone to join EarnHive, and others are through activities earnings. In this tutorial training, you will see the quick method to get more affiliate referrals to join Earnhive using your link and EarnHive Minimum withdrawal.

First, you can also become an Earnhive coupon code vendor or influencer when you do these simple tasks, which we will explain in detail.

Let’s get started.

How To Become EarnHive Vendor, Influencer

According to one of the founders, to become an EarnHive Coupon code vendor, you must earn a minimum of 400,000 Naira in the first week of launch. Already there are vendors, but in case someone joins to become a coupon vendor.

To become an influencer is to be an affiliate member and have high social followers on tiktok, Facebook, or any social media platform.

The main aim is to know how to earn on EarnHive (make money online).

Here is the earning structure for Earnhive in various countries.

EarnHive Earning Structure (Make Money on EarnHive)

Nigeria Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus3500NGN
Welcome Bonus2000NGN
Daily Login300NGN
Indirect Referral300NGN
Hive Post 1200NGN
Hive Post 2200NGN
2nd Indirect100NGN
Benin Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus4800CFA
Welcome Bonus2800CFA
Daily Login500CFA
Indirect Referral500CFA
Hive Post 1200CFA
Hive Post 2200CFA
2nd Indirect150CFA
Kenya Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus115KSH
Welcome Bonus80KSH
Daily Login15KSH
Indirect Referral15KSH
Hive Post 1200KSH
Hive Post 2200KSH
2nd Indirect3KSH
Ghana Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus90GHS
Welcome Bonus50GHS
Daily Login7GHS
Indirect Referral7GHS
Hive Post 1200GHS
Hive Post 2200GHS
2nd Indirect2GHS
Uganda Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus32000USH
Welcome Bonus22000USH
Daily Login1500USH
Indirect Referral1500USH
Hive Post 1200USH
Hive Post 2200USH
2nd Indirect200USH
Cameroon Earning Structure (Activities)Amount
Referral Bonus4800XAF
Welcome Bonus3000XAF
Daily Login500XAF
Indirect Referral500XAF
Hive Post 1200XAF
Hive Post 2200XAF
2nd Indirect150XAF

Now you know how to make money with EarnHive and see that referring someone to join is where the most money comes from.

How To Refer Someone To Join EarnHive

Let’s see How to refer someone to join EarnHive.

We said that EarnHive and income-earning programs or affiliate platforms pay members for referring others to join or perform some easy tasks like daily login, sharing of posts, and other downline referrals (MLM).

So, when you want to promote it, you know the kind of people to promote it to.

One easy free method is to post the advert daily on the status and talk about it well.

How To Withdraw From EarnHive And Get Paid

EarnHive Withdrawal Days for Affiliate

Monday, Thursday, and Fridays Time 2-4 Pm

Earnhive Non-Affiliate Withdrawal

EarnHive Non-affiliate Minimum withdrawal is NGN22,000.

Note: Withdrawal can proceed anytime once the Portal is opened to the users.


I hope this guide helps you better understand EarnHive Earning Structure and how to become an Earnhive Coupon code Vendor.

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    1. Since i registered earnhive i have never withdrawn from my task earning. There should be more awareness for task withdrawal.
      I’ll appreciate if you notify me of the next task withdrawal day.

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