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Not everyone knows their way around the CAC portal and would be willing to pay a CAC agent to do the heavy job of company registration, filing an annual report and business name upgrade, all that needs to be edited on the account. But there are due processes to become a CAC agent, in this tutorial, you will learn How To Become CAC Accredited Agent yourself and own an agent account login.

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How To Become A CAC Agent in Nigeria

Who Can Be CAC Accredited Agent

Legal professionals, chartered secretaries, and accountants are among the professionals who can join the roster of CAC-accredited agents.

You can get accredited by reading this post. I hereby present a “new normal” overview of the criteria for CAC accreditation.


Benefits Of Being A CAC-Accredited Agent

  • You can easily get a visa and travel anywhere for business purposes.
  • It keeps your company status active on the corporate affairs commission record of the registry.
  • It assures potential customers that they are doing business with a reputable company.
  • It gives the business owner an advantage over rivals who have not registered; and many other benefits.

Professionals Who Are Qualified For CAC Certification Include:

  1. Legal professionals.

2. Certified Public Accountants.

3. Professional secretaries.

4. Group of experts.


As an accredited CAC agent, you must go through the accreditation procedure to be eligible to work for clients. Once accredited, you can handle pre- and post-corporate applications for customers as a verified CAC agent.

Either a person or a business can register as an accredited agent. A person must be a legal practitioner, accountant, chartered secretary, or registered with a CAC-accredited agent company account to be eligible to apply for accreditation.

The only requirement for certification is to:

  • Fill out an application.
  • Submit a certificate of qualification or competence.
  • Provide a photocopy of your NYSC discharge document.
  • Submit documentation proving payment of the annual practice charge.
  • Pay the commission’s N5,000 accreditation charge.



To become a certified CAC agent in 2023.

  • Select to register for an account at
  • Select Register as an Accredited Representative.
  • The Nigerian Bar Association Individual, Nigerian Bar Association Firm, Institute of Chartered Account Individual and Firm, Institute of Chartered Secretaries Individual and Firm, and Association of Nigeria Accountants Individual and Firm are examples of Agent Category Accounts.
  • Enter the necessary personal or organizational information.
  • Turn in the necessary paperwork and pay.
  • Take note of your accreditation number if approved.
  • Pick up your accreditation card by going to your preferred CAC branch location.

Everyone, who chooses to conduct business in Nigeria must first register their firm. The Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2023, which governs how companies are registered in Nigeria, is administered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, a government body.

Although individuals may independently try to complete a portion of the incorporation process online, using the services of CAC-accredited agents is always better and quicker for a seamless incorporation process.

The Resolution Law Firm, a CAC-accredited agent, has three offices in Nigeria where it accepts applications for business registration. The business offers assistance to people seeking to incorporate in any region of Nigeria.

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Can I Register CAC Without An Agent?

CAC does not permit non-registered and accredited agents to access their services and register incorporated trustees. It is difficult and frequently impossible for non-accredited people to start and finish the registration process because there is a requirement for an accreditation number of accredited agents looking to register an incorporated trustee. Most non-accredited individuals end up hiring a CAC agent who is accredited to carry on and finish the procedure.

The process for registering a business online has finally been streamlined. Given that all the necessary paperwork and information is prepared, the time needed to finish a company registration has now been significantly cut down to just a few days.

However, some aspects of registration still call for outside assistance, particularly from a lawyer. For the drafting of articles of association that are distinct from the general articles’ template offered by the CAC, the assistance of a corporate lawyer or a CAC-accredited agent may be necessary.

New View Of The Criteria For CAC Accreditation

Please be aware that CAC has modified the following procedure for accreditation, even though you still need the aforementioned documents. Agents are now required to directly register through the CAC portal as the new procedure.

  • Complete the CAC/ACR/1 accreditation application form. Click here to obtain the form.

– Fill out the necessary sections. Simply complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7.

  • The following papers must be submitted for law professionals to be accredited:

1. A picture from your passport.

2. a copy of the document of the call to the bar.

3. A copy of your LL.B. diploma

4. A copy of the discharge document from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

5. A copy of the payment receipt for the current year’s practising charge.

6. Proof of having paid the required costs.

  • The prescribed fee for a company is N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira).

Follow the steps below.

1. Launch a computer browser and navigate to

2. Select “Pay TSA & States.”

3. Select the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) link.

4. Complete the blanks as shown below.

Finally, creating a company in Nigeria is only the first move towards conducting business there, as there are other conditions set forth by the law for each new company’s successful establishment of a business in Nigeria. Please register your business through the CAC portal, it is always advisable to work with an accredited agent to get the most out of the challenging procedure and get it done faster.

Legal professionals, chartered secretaries, and accountants are among the professionals who can participate to become CAC-accredited agents.

Whichever one you want to do

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