New CAC Post Incorporation Fees And Requirements 2024 in Nigeria



Before we dive into the CAC Post Incorporation Fees and Registration process, for those who do not really understand what it means and it difference between CAC Registration for a company and a business name. Let’s start with what is CAC Post Incorporation all about. Because there is CAC Pre-Incorporation and CAC Post-Incorporation.

CAC Post Incorporation, in essence, means that every activity you want to do with the corporate affairs commission after they have registered your business company or organization.

POST in context here means AFTER.

This means you have already registered your business with CAC and need to change or update something about your business/company on the CAC login Portal.

However, if you have not registered your business with CAC before and want to understand all you need to get started such as requirements and CAC Registration Fees plus how to get a trusted CAC Agent to help you get started.

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Now, you probably want to change your business registered status from Business Name (BN) to Registered Company (RC).

You want to know the CAC Post Incorporation requirements and fee for this or you want to change your registered Business Address and Location.

Can you do it yourself?

Is CAC Post Incorporation Free?

CAC Post Incorporation Requirements?

We all know that there is nothing free in Nigeria once it is in high demand and request, but let’s walk you through the needed requirements and how it is been done step by step.

Note for the sake of legitimacy, CAC does not allow individuals or businesses to do it themselves even though it is now available online on the CAC POST Incorporation Portal.

You have to contact an accredited CAC Agent like Dosuggest Limited to do the job for you.

Here are the many reasons you want to know more about CAC Post Incorporation requirements and fees;

* Change of Name for registered business name

* Change of Name for incorporated trustee

* Change of Name for company

* Change of registered business address

* Change of proprietor

* Change of director

* Change of trustees with incorporated trustees

* Change of trustee secretary

* Application for change in incorporated trustees’ objects and constitution.

* Change of registered objects

* Change of secretary

* Removal of directors

* Removal of shareholder

* Re-allotment of shares

* Change of persons with significant control

* Change of business name to limited liability company

* Conversion of private limited company to public limited company

* Conversion of company limited by shares to company limited by guarantee

* Application for Certified true copy of certificate of registration

* Application for registration of charges

* Application for increase in share capital

* Application for transfer of shares

* Application for winding up

* Application for merger and Acquistion of company.

* correction of date of birth and personal information with cac.

* Application for status report of company.

* Application for Annual return filing for business name

* Application for Annual return filing for company

* Application for Annual return filing for incorporated trustee.

* Application for change in registered branch office.

* Application for closure of business name.

* Reduction in issued share capital

* Request for letter of good standing

* Appointment of receiver and administrators

* Company search

* Alteration of memorandum of a registered company

Now, you know the many reasons for CAC Post Incorporation and know you can hardly get those done for free. Here are the CAC Post Incorporation requirements you will need to successfully approach any of them.

Here is the process to get your CAC Post Incorporation done, the reason we will not clearly state the CAC Post Incorporation requirements is that the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) did not clearly state it on your website but each issue, has its own requirements and CAC does change that from time to time.

CAC Post Incorporation Forms

The post-incorporation forms are those documents that are statutorily important that a company must file with CAC when there is a major change in the documents filed during the incorporation of the business entity. Below are some of the statutory post-incorporation forms that must be filed with CAC:

  • CAC 1 Name Reservation and Availability Check
  • CAC 1 Change of Name Reservation Form and Name Check For Availability
  • CAC 1.1 Application for Registration Form
  • CAC 1.1 Continuation Page for First Directors
  • CAC 2.1 Appointment/Change of Company Secretary
  • CAC 2.4 Notice of Change in the Authorized Share Capital of the Company
  • CAC 2A Return of Allotment (Post Incorporation)
  • CAC 2.7 Request for a Company’s Re-Registration and Conversion
  • CAC 3 Notice of Situation/Change of Registered Address
  • CAC 7A Notice of Change of Directors, or in the Name, Residential Address, or Postal Address of Directors
  • CAC 8 Particulars of Charge
  • CAC 9 Verification Memorandum of Charge Satisfaction Declaration
  • CAC 10 Small Company Annual Return
  • CAC 10A Annual Return for a Company Apart From a Small Business With Shares
  • CAC 10B Limited Liability Company’s Annual Report
  • CAC 10C Annual Report of Foreign Companies under Exemption
  • CAC 11 Statement by the Liquidator for a Pending Liquidation and Sales of Unclaimed Assets
  • Application for Business Name Registration
  • CAC/BN/2 Notice of Change in Business Name
  • CAC/BN/6 Notice of Cessation of Business
  • CAC/BN/7 Business Name Annual Returns
  • CAC/IT 1 Incorporated Trustees Application Form
  • CAC/IT 2 Change of Incorporated Trustee Name
  • CAC/IT 3 Changes of Trustees
  • CAC/IT 4 Annual Returns (Incorporated Trustees)

If you are an CAC agent searching for how to do CAC Post incorporation, here is how:

i. Create an account with CAC post incorporation if you are an accredited cac agent.

ii. If you are not an agent with cac, find out requirements for becoming one.


iii. Login to cac post incorporation login portal


iv. Locate the search bar and type in the name of business name or company or incorporated trustee.


v. Navigate to the column to see the specific Cac post incorporation you want to file.


vi. Click and and begin to follow the steps to file the forms and upload documents where necessary.


vii. Completing the forms, proceed to payment page and make your payment.


Vii. Submit your application and wait for Approval.


But if these whole process seems overwhelming and you don’t want to get into the stress of doing it for your client or yourself, you can contact Dosuggest Limited to do everything for you and wait for approval.

How To Fill CAC Post Incorporation Forms

Log on to the CAC post-incorporation portal or click here

  • Register an account as a user, don’t register as an accredited agent
  • From the list of companies, select the one your company falls under
  • Select from the list of post-incorporation forms the one that best suits your filling
  • Complete the required information on the form and proceed to the online payment portal
  • Make your payment and confirm it.
  • On approval of your post-incorporation updates by the Commission, download the online receipt and the approval copy of the form.


List of Information Required for CAC Post Incorporation Filling

Different post-incorporation documents have different requirements. For clarity, we will list the requirements of some post-incorporation documents.

Requirements for Filing Annual Returns

  • A copy of each balance statement and profit and loss account was presented to the firm in a general meeting throughout the period covered by the return.
  • Each balance sheet is accompanied by a copy of the auditors’ report and the directors’ report.
  • A document signed by a director and the secretary stating that the company has not published any offer to the public to subscribe to its shares or debentures from the last return or incorporation, whichever is the case.

Requirements to File a Change of Company Name

  • Approval form for the new name
  • A director and secretary, or two directors, must sign a special resolution to change the name.
  • A signed memorandum and articles of incorporation indicating the new name.
  • An application signed by a director and secretary or two directors outlining the reasons for the name change.
    Cancellation of the company’s original certificate of establishment.
  • Annual returns must have been updated.
  • Section 553, CAMA filing where relevant, has been updated.
  • Fees for filing must be paid.
  • Within 15 days of the passage of the special resolution for a name change, an application for a change of company name must be filed with the Commission.

CAC Post Incorporation Fees

The fact remains that the CAC post-incorporation fillings are not free. There are charges levied by the Commission on these post-integration incorporation fillings.

To get a clear fee for the post-incorporation activities of the Commission, we will segment the fees according to the three categories of CAC registrations.

Post Incorporation Registration Fee of Companies Under Part A of CAMA

  • Form001: Registration of Increase in Share Capital of Public company – ₦20,000.00 for every ₦1 million
  • Form002: Registration of Increase in Share Capital of a Private Company—$10,000.00 per million shares increased.
  • Form003: Filing of Notice of Exemption by foreign companies – ₦30,000.00
  • Form004: Re-instatement of Company Name- ₦10,000.00
  • Form005: Filing of Annual Returns – ₦1,000.00
  • Form006: Filing of Annual Reports by Foreign Companies – ₦5,000.00
  • Form007: Filing of Statement of Affairs (Section 636) – ₦5,000.00
  • Form008: Filing of Notice of Merger/Acquisition – ₦10,000.00
  • Form009: Filing of Statutory Declaration of Solvency – ₦5,000.00
  • Form010: Registration of Appointment as Liquidator – ₦10,000.00
  • Form011: Change of Company’s Name – ₦10,000.00
  • Form012: Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association—3,000.00
  • Form013: Certified True Copy of Certificate of Incorporation – ₦6,000.00
  • Form014: Certified True Forms CO2, CO6, CO7 (each) – ₦2,000.00
  • Form015: Certified True Copy of all other documents – ₦2,000.00
  • Form016: Alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association – ₦5,000.00
  • Form017: Deed of Release – ₦2,000.00
  • Form018: Changes in Forms CO2 and CO7 – ₦2,000.00
  • Form019: Penalties for Late Filing of documents (other than Increase in Share Capital) – ₦2,000.00
  • Form021: Penalty for Late Filing of Increase in Share Capital – ₦4,000.00
  • Form022: Miscellaneous (Filing of other documents) – ₦5,000.00
  • Form023: Same Day Incorporation (excluding filing fees) – ₦50,000.00

Post Incorporation Fees For Business Name Registration

  • Form 001: Registration of Business Name – ₦4,000.00
  • Form 002: Change of Name – ₦2,000.00
  • Form 003: Business Name Search – ₦500.00
  • Form 004: Change of Partnership – ₦1,000.00
  • Form 005: Change of Address – ₦1,000.00
  • Form 006: Certified True Copy of a Business Name Certificate – ₦1,000.00
  • Form 007: Filing of Annual returns – ₦300.00
  • Form 008: Business Name Registration Form – ₦250.00

Post Incorporation Fees For Incorporated Trustees

  • Form001: Registration of Incorporated Trustees – ₦20,000.00
  • Form002: Change of Name – ₦10,000.00
  • Form003: Change of Trustees – ₦10,000.00
  • Form004: Incorporated Trustees Search – ₦500.00
  • Form005: Filing of Dissolution of Trustees – ₦1,000.00
  • Form006: Certified True Copy of Certificate – ₦5,000.00
  • Form007: Filing of Annual returns – ₦1,000.00
  • Form008: Incorporated Trustees Registration Form- ₦500.00

How To Make CAC Post Incorporation Payment

Below are the procedures to make payments on the post-incorporation portal

  • Log on to the CAC post-incorporation portal or click here
  • Register an account as a user, don’t register as an accredited agent
  • From the list of companies, select the one your company falls under
  • Select from the list of post-incorporation forms the one that best suits your filling
  • Complete the required information on the form and proceed to the online payment portal
  • Generate Remita for payment
  • Pay in any commercial bank of your choice and confirm the transaction.

Quick Conclusion Note: Hope this complete Tutorial guide help you get full understanding how CAC Post Incorporation is all about and how it works.
Please contact us on Whatsapp for your CAC Registration and other updating services.


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