How Much is CAC Registration Fees in Nigeria 2024 For Limited Company, Business Name and NGOs



The CAC registration fees and other significant guidelines have been provided in this article, for does who wish to start a company and want to differentiate themselves from the competition. You must first register a company name with the Corporate Affairs Commission to start a business in Nigeria.

If you are wondering how much it will cost to establish a company in Nigeria in 2024, you should know that CAC registration for business names in Nigeria is not free, except for the official CAC signup and dashboard login. You will only need to pay 500 Naira to reserve a company name.

In this article, you will find some essential information you need to know about CAC before you register and how to find legit CAC Registration Fees 2023.


How much do you need to spend to register a company in Nigeria in 2023? The majority of businesses with the abbreviation “LTD” are not registered upon appropriate search at the corporate affairs commission, one of the many reasons why many businesses in Nigeria are unregistered.

The commission’s statutory duties and responsibilities include business and company registration.

After creating an account on your official website, you can access the CAC registration portal and register your business yourself, but occasionally many people find the process stressful and would prefer CAC Agent to simply complete the CAC Business registration for them.

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A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is an organization that exists to aid those in need or to offer the general public support in the areas of education, science, religion, and the arts.

An association that operates without the assistance of a government is known as a non-governmental organization (NGO),  NGOs, also known as civil society group, is created on a local, national, and international scale to advance a social or political objective like a humanitarian cause or environmental protection.

They are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for purposes other than profit-making, such as enhancing human welfare.

In 1990, the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) was founded and owned by the Nigerian government organization. This organization’s responsibility is to oversee and handle all businesses in Nigeria. You must register your company name with CAC to obtain an official license from CAC for any business to function.

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Private Company Limited By Shares Company Registration No.6900485

Tax Identification Number: 31322773-0001

You must therefore be aware of the CAC registration costs for 2023 before proceeding with the CAC company name registration. We have given a list of Nigerian companies that are officially registered, along with Number CAC. With the knowledge provided below, you can now register a company name in Nigeria.

How Do NGOs Function?

A non-governmental organization, or NGO, is a company founded by a group of people to advance the public, social, or political good of a country or the entire globe.

Any group of individuals who want to carry out tasks in the public interest can establish an NGO but must have personnel and funds. NGOs may conduct foreign business. Government has no control over them, and it has no input into their operations or tax-exempt position. They are frequently non-profit but can also be. They receive their financing from membership fees, grants, and donations.

Registration Fees For CAC

Please be aware that the CAC registration portal contains all CAC applications and CAC registration documents. The CAC registration portal has received all 2023 CAC registration payments.

Visit the free registration site at and complete the profile form. You might be required to provide your NIN number when setting up your CAC company name registration.

  • Full Name and Mobile Number
  • NIN Number (verify by dialing *346#) If you don’t already have a NIN, dial *346# to sign up for one.
  • Contact Email
  • Your date of birth.
  • On the CAC enrollment portal, the CAC registration form is now available. If your group is a non-governmental one, the CAC registration costs for NGOs are listed below.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Business Name With Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC)?

This guide has given a thorough summary of the business name registration procedures, their costs, and the CAC registration fees for 2023. To register and submit an application for a company name, use the CAC registration portal.

Registration Of NGO In Nigeria

NGOs must file as Incorporated Trustees in Nigeria. NGO registration in Nigeria is more difficult than business registration.

  • Check the Corporate Affairs Commission’s database for name availability. Acceptable NGO names frequently conclude with:
  • Your approved name must then be published in two national newspapers and one local newspaper.
  • Finally, send the CAC your completed form along with three duplicates of the Letter of application.
  • Application for CAC, “IT Form 1” a Chairman and assistant can sign governing document of your business.
  • Minutes from the meeting (MoM) at which the directors were chosen. signed by the secretary and the chairperson.
  • Where specific regulations were enacted, MoM. signed by the secretary and the chairperson
    Forms for trustee statement.
  • Each trustee is required to submit the forms in front of the High Court either a State High Court or a Federal High Court are options.
  • Pay the CAC’s charge of 150,000 Naira. The cost must be paid at a bank.

In this post, I have fully covered your mind on how CAC Registration Fees in Nigeria 2024 For Limited, Business Name and NGOs. We have you covered. THANKS.

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