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Mistakenly Recharge Excess Airtime for MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile (any Nigeria Network Service Provider) and want to convert airtime to cash to your bank account in Nigeria. Looking for Recharge2cash app, Website or means to turn your airtime back to Money, in this tutorial on Dosuggest; you find out how to convert airtime to cash to your bank account, How to convert airtime to cash on Palmpay.

There are lots of App and website that promises converting airtime to cash online but many do not give you the exact airtime recharge amount while some takes time to send you cash to your bank account.

Palmpay Recharge2Cash is an automatic instant way that is legit to sell airtime for cash and get paid, we will be talking about the pros and cons using palmpay recharge2cash and networks available on Palmpay app.

Before we get started, let’s see how to create a Palmpay Account and how to withdraw from Palmpay (send money).

About PalmPay

Palmpay is a digital online banking app (fintech) registered and licensed by Central bank of Nigeria – CBN. The Microfinance Bank is among the top digital bank competing with commercial banks and also best POS Business bank without much network issues like regular POS devices.

How To Create PalmPay Account

Creating Palmpay Account has been made easy and simple as we will explain below.

what you will need; Valid ID card like National ID card with NIN and your BVN number, Phone number to link with and Utility Bill Receipt with full address provided by you.

  • Download Palmpay App on Google Play store or Apple App Store (ensure it is owned by Palmpay). Palmpay Developer Publisher ID on app store is:
  • Tap and Open the Palmpay App and follow the instructions to create Account.
  • Fill the registration form correctly .
  • Enter a strong Password and Pin.

NB: Your Phone number is your login id.

What is PalmPay Recharge2Cash

Recharge2Cash is a Palmpay app tool feature that help sell and convert airtime to cash. This service is available to MTN subscribers only. Other networks coming soon.

How To Sell Your Airtime For Cash To Bank Account

You can check your PalmPay balance to confirm payment after airtime sale. Money will be in your Palmpay bank account within 2 hours of sale completion.

How to use Recharge2Cash?

1.Click the Recharge2Cash icon on the PalmPay homepage,

2.Enter the mobile number you would like to share from,

3.Log in to the page with the MTN OTP sent to your phone,

4.Choose or enter the amount you would like to share,

5.Confirm the amount you would get after the service fee deduction,

6.Enter the MTN Share Airtime PIN and wait for the funds which will be transferred to your PalmPay account.

What is MTN Share Airtime PIN?

MTN Share airtime pin is a 4-digit code you need to transfer airtime on the MTN network. This code is required before you can transfer airtime to family, friends, other etc. on the MTN network.

How To Change Share Airtime PIN on MTN?

For security reasons, it’s important to change the default MTN share pin (0000 or sometimes 1234) to your own PIN which will be exclusive to you to prevent unauthorised access to your MTN account profile.

You can change your MTN share pin through:

1.Text Message (SMS)

•Type a message in this format: Default pin[space]New pin[space]New pin

•Send the message to this MTN number: 777 E.g. if the personal pin you want to change to is 2938, then your message should be: 0000 2938 2938 and send to 777

•Make sure you repeat your new pin twice as seen above, it is very important for PIN confirmation.

•After sending the text, you’ll receive a notification message confirming your change of pin.

N.B: You will no longer be needing your default pin (0000 or 1234) and all airtime transfers will now be done with the new pin. Do not share your new pin with anyone.If you can’t change your default pin through SMS don’t worry there is an easier way to do this through the USSD code.

2.Through USSD CodeSimply dial *600*Default pin*New pin*New pin#

E.g. if your new pin is 2938 using your phone, dial *600*0000*2938*2938# and send (call).

That’s it, you have successfully changed your Airtime pin.

You can now Share MTN airtime to another MTN line using your new pin.


Currently only MTN is available on most Airtime To Cash website and Recharge App, the best way is to manually sell to others for other network that is not MTN.

There are lot of people who recharge from their bank that also make this mistake, if this tutorial works for you. Consider sharing this post link with them or do it for them and make money converting excess airtime to cash.


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