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OwoDaily Minimum Withdrawal (How To Withdraw On Owodaily in Nigeria)

Owodaily Withdrawal Limit | Owodaily payment Proof


Knowing that a platform pays is not the only reason to register. But if you can withdraw your money and what is Owodaily minimum withdrawal now, if you have any other issue with your account, you can contact the Owodaily customer care number here.

There are a lot of Owodaily payment proofs on the internet today, but what is the minimum withdrawal and how to withdraw from Owodaily in Nigeria 2023?

However, note that you will be charged a withdrawal fee of 5% per withdrawal.

What is Owodaily’s Minimum Withdrawal

The lowest amount you can withdraw from Owodaily is 5,000 (Five Thousand Naira), the Owodaily minimum withdrawal limit. You will be charged 5% of the amount per every withdrawal you request.

Depending on your Owodaily Membership plan.

How To Withdraw Money From OwoDaily

Step 1: Go to your Owodaily Dashboard (Login).

Step 2: Locate and click on the “menu” tab.

Step 3: Tap on Wallet.

Step 4: Choose the Withdraw Option.

Step 5: Confirm your withdrawal request and Click Yes to Withdraw.

Owodaily Withdrawal

Owodaily Withdrawal Date & Time

To get paid on time, you must request to withdraw early before Fridays.

Since Owodaily payout day is Friday,

You must register for withdrawal that week and get paid on Friday.

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