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Wanting to join a legit Affiliate marketing program like Expertnaire but can’t afford the Expertnaire registration fee, consider if the Digitstem Affiliate program can be the best option for you to start with. In this review; we cover in detail all you should know about the Digitstem Affiliate marketing platform, how Digitstem works, the Digitstem registration fee, how to sign up, payout and How To Make Money on Digitstem Affiliate (how to make sales on digitstem).

Digitstem is the second top affiliate marketing program after Expertnaire that offer same service but at different registration fee which will get to know and benefits you get joining Digitstem.

Here top People also ask question about Digitstem

What is the Digitstem? How does Digitstem pay? Who is the owner of Digitstem? How much does it cost to register on Digitstem? How To Make Sales on Digitstem, digitstem affiliate marketing, digitstem student login, is digitstem legit

But let start by know what is Digistem all about.

What is the Digistem?

For a simple explainnation, Digistem is like Expertnaire. which is an affiliate program system that pays members commssion for selling digital course and referring someone to join. it is a legit system that gurantee cash flow system for both members and owners of Digistem.

Now, who are the owners of Digistem in Nigeria.

Who is the owner of Digistem?

Digistem is owned and founded by a group of four Nigerians which are ODUDU AKPAN, KING LEONARD, IFIOK AKPAN, and UCHE FESTUS.

Digistem founder | owners

How much does it cost to register on Digistem? (Digistem Registration Fee)

Digistem Registration Fee is $10 which is currently N8,770 at $1 to 877 in Nigeria currency.

To join, you have to buy Digistem course and you will get access to become Digistem Affiliate and member to enjoy travel reward trip and win a car.

How Does Digistem pay?

Digistem was launched July 17, 2022 and is still paying up till date of this post. and you can withdraw to your Nigeria Bank Account directly in Naira.

Digistem pays through Direct Bank Transfer to your local wire bank, any bank in Nigeria.

They pay to the account details you provide on your Digistem Dashboard.

how to make sales on digistem

How To Make Sales on Digistem

1: “Pick a Niche” Many people get this twisted When doing affiliate marketing You need focus on 1 niche Examples: – Wealth Niche – Health Niche – Sex and relationship – Travel – Lifestyle – Tech If you focus on 1 niche, you’ll build authority faster.

2. Pick a product within that niche on Digistem: You have a niche Now you need a hot selling product The best way to find a hot selling product is by doing product research Ask yourself.. – Who is this for? – What are the benefits? – Is it costly or affordable? – Do people want it? etc.

3.. “Content creation” Now you need an audience The best free way to build an audience Is by creating free valuable content 2 kinds of content you should create – tutorials inside your niche or the product you are promoting – shareable based content to get discovered.

4: “Lead magnet” You need to create “a lead magnet A Lead magnet is freebie that you give to people for free in exchange for their contact or email address Best landing page ideas: – PDF checklist – Short video training. – Group trainings – Ebook etc.

5: “Grow Your WhatsApp List” The biggest business mistake you’ll make is not building an WhatsApp “The Money is in the list” That’s true! To build a WhatsApp list you need: – A WhatsApp account – A customised WhatsApp link To get people into your WhatsApp.

6: “Promote

create emails that promote the product Lead Magnet: – put your affiliate link inside WhatsApp trainings – create tutorials.

4 Ways To Promote Digistem Affiliate Product

1. WhatsApp Trainings

2. Direct Message on Inbox both on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and all social media.

3. WhatsApp Status

4. In your Lead magnet WhatsApp status –

Final Thought

Hope this tutorial help you find best and fastest way to make sales on Digistem products. join our telegram channel and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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