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Want to join PsSkills, looking for how to get PsSkills net Coupon code. You just want to find out withdrawal time and how to withdraw from, in this tutorial you will discover how to navigate and how to use the website or app to make and withdraw money.

How Does PsSkills Works was formerly called PrimeShares, an income earning website in Nigeria just like Learnify NG and it was launched to empower youth with skills and earn from the platform as a member. PSSKILLS net has over 150k members and name was changed from PrimeShares to Psskills because there was a website already existing with the name Prime Share on the internet.

In order, to start making money from you have to register and that requires you getting a coupon code from a vendor.

Let’s look at how to get coupon code and sign up.

How To Get Coupon Code for Primeshares (

There are list of coupon code vendor but most of them are not legit.

it is clearly state on the website that registration sign up fee is $8 which is equivalent to 4,000 naira in Nigeria currency. In order to join PsSkills, you need to get coupon code from trusted vendors listed on the website or connect with an affiliate to help you get PsSkills coupon code for a vendor when you pay 4,000 naira. Earnings (How It Works) Welcome bonus is $5 (2,500 naira).

Sharing of ads is $1 daily (500 naira) Affilate Referral bonus is $6.4 (3,200 naira).

As you refer others to and they refer others under themselves, this become downline spillover.

Here is

How PrimeShares Spillovers works

First level spillovers is $0.6 (300 naira)

Second level spillovers $0.2 (100 naira.

Transfer of earnings are also available and are at a minimum of $12 per transfer (6,000 naira)

That is Minimum Withdrawal is 6,000 naira ($12).

For users in Nigeria, The conversion rate is stated at exactly 500 naira to $1.

This means that for every $1 made on, it is worth N500 naira FOR Nigerians. withdrawal

PrimeShares Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal for Affiliate Withdrawal is $10 (5000 naira)

Minimum withdrawal for Non Referrals is $40 (20,000 naira)

How To Withdraw From (PrimeShares) Login:

  • Login to (website or app).
  • Click on the Withdrawal icon 

On Withdrawal Page:

  • Tap on the Withdrawal plus icon at the top right hand side (+)
  • Next, Enter the amount you wish to withdraw into the pop up modal box. (Note if you are non referral, your minimum limit is $40 and Affiliate is $10).
  • Click on the Withdraw button to submit (if request submitted successfully)

Your account will be debited and you will be credited to your provided bank account.

Withdrawal Note

You must know withdrawal days and time to request withdrawal and your registration membership type, if you are affiliate or non Affiliate.

if you are non affiliate, your minimum limit is $40 and Affiliate is $10.

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