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How To Create WhatsApp Channel Like Telegram (Get WhatsApp Channel Link)



If you live in a country like Nigeria, you must have heard about WhatsApp TV and want to know if you can open one. do not know how to get WhatsApp status views, like where to get links to share, and many other factors building your WhatsApp Audience (followers). But WhatsApp TV is not officially recognized and you can easily get your phone hanging or crashing. Here is a way to grow your WhatsApp Followers and secure your WhatsApp Account- Introducing WhatsApp Channel.

Yes, you must have seen Telegram channels and wondered if the same thing can be created on WhatsApp but think no further because the WhatsApp Support Team heard your feedback and they are adding a WhatsApp channel as a feature on WhatsApp and a lot more privacy for your participant not to make their numbers visible to other.

Many wanted to have a group that allows you to hide other members’ contact details and we did a video that showed you how to change the group setting so only admin can see other members in the group but many did not understand how to still go about it.

Here is the video:

How To Hide All Participants in WhatsApp Group

Now, what of those who have WhatsApp TV and want to share daily updates and random information. would you like to have something like a Telegram channel?

The reason why you cannot create a WhatsApp channel is because it is currently not available in your country.

Before we proceed here are countries WhatsApp Channel is currently available both for WhatsApp Channel owners and WhatsApp Channel Followers;

Available WhatsApp Channels Countries Today

WhatsApp Channels are now available in over 150 countries.

  • Singapore
  • Colombia
  • Egypt,
  • Chile,
  • Malaysia,
  • Morocco,
  • Ukraine,
  • Kenya,
  • Peru
  • Nigeria

WhatsApp Channels Release Date

WhatsApp released a new feature called “WhatsApp Channel” on 13 September 2023.

Whatsapp Channel like Telegram

If you want to know what the WhatsApp Channel looks like, you can take a look at the Telegram channel but there are some key differences in WhatsApp Channel which are

  • An Enhanced Directory that allows users to discover channels based on their location. It also sorts channels by new arrivals, most activity, and popularity based on follower count.
  • Reactions so users can react to updates using emojis. The total count of responses will be visible, but individual reactions will remain anonymous.
  • Ability to edit channel updates for up to 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted from WhatsApp servers.
  • A link to the original channel will be included to forward an update to chats or groups, facilitating more accessible access to more information.

WhatsApp channel download

How to create WhatsApp channel in Any Country

To Create a WhatsApp channel for Followers

  1. Login WhatsApp Web, and go to Channels by clicking the Channels icon
  2. Click  > Create channel.
  3. Tap Continue and continue through the onscreen prompts.
  4. Add a channel name to finish creating your channel. You can choose to change the name again at any time.
  5. Customize your channel: You can choose to customize your channel now by adding a description and icon.
  6. Add a channel description: Write a few words to help potential followers understand what your channel is about.
  7. Add a channel icon: Add an image from your phone or the web to stand out.
  8. Click Create channel, and you’re done!

To get to your WhatsApp channels link

  1. Hover to Channels by clicking the Channels icon.
  2. Click your channel, and then your channel name.
  3. Click the Copy link.

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