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New USSD Code To Check Airtel Data Balance In Nigeria 2023

4 Ways To Check Airtime Data Balance in Nigeria, Airtel Router and WiFi



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As the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has regulated and changed the code for all networks such as Airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile to become one, also did USSD code to check balance was changed. in today’s Dosuggest guide, you will see all methods, ways and USSD codes for Airtel Data balance in Nigeria.

Airtel is one of the biggest Telecom networks in the globe today, that cover most continents and countries even West Africa.

which also diversified into mobile banking and loan business.

In Nigeria, NCC HARMONIZED CODE for all networks and Airtel was not an exception it affects all Airtel codes for buying data, borrowing data, borrowing Airtel and recharging Airtel router wifi.

Below is the video of the changes to the USSD Code harmonized code by NCC.

So, let’s go deep on How to check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria 2023.

It amazes me to know that most people do not know how to check Airtel data balance normally even before the USSD code was changed to harmonized code now.

Well, I’m not surprised because Airtel Nigeria has over 60.30 million subscribers and most of them are aged and have lots of other problems to think about.

Thankfully this one USSD code for all networks would make this easy for some of us that have the four network sim in Nigeria.

We are going to explain how to check Airtel balance in 4 ways plus using the new Airtel data code.

  1. Using New Airtel Data Code (Via SMS).
  2. Using Airtel App (Online).
  3. Using Airtel Website (Online).
  4. Using Airtel Customer Care (Calling).

4 New Ways To Check Airtel Data Balance

This entire process can be used also for how to check Airtel airtime balance and other balance inquiries, so take a pen and notebook as we unveil the tuts of internet learning. See other tips like this here on Dosuggest USSD code.

So, let’s start with using the new Airtel Data code in Nigeria.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance Using New Airtel Data Code (Via SMS)

What is the data code for Airtel? or how can I get my Airtel data balance via SMS message?

If you want to keep a record of your data subscriptions, getting data balance through SMS is the best way or online using the Airtel App with your account.

So, let’s work with the new code to check Airtel data balance.

New USSD Code for Check data balance is *323#

However, if you are an Airtel user and just dial *323#.

you will see a prompt message like this telling you that you will receive an SMS shortly, go to your SMS app or inbox message and see your active data plan or if you are out of data.

Here is the

New USSD code to buy data on Airtel – *312#

New USSD code to share Data on Airtel – *312#

New USSD code to borrow airtime – *303#

New USSD Code to Check Airtel Airtime Balance – *310#

New USSD Code to Recharge Airtel Airtime – *311*PIN#

New USSD Code to Link NIN to Airtel SIM – *966#

How To Check Airtel Data Balance Using Airtel App Online

If you want to monitor your Airtel data usage using My Airtel App, all you have do is to go to your favourite app store and get the My Airtel App.

For Android users, go to Google Playstore.

For iPhone users, go to Apple App Store.

Install and Open the app, create an account using your correct phone number and other necessary information required of you.

sign in and see your active subscription and Airtime balance.

Tap on your data balance to view history, you can then do Airtel me2u share airtime or data.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance Using Airtel Website in Nigeria

If you a laptop user or you are unable to download My Airtel App to use, you can visit the Airtel Nigeria website portal and still be able to check your Data Balance.

How To Use New Airtel Code (USSD code for Data Balance in Nigeria)
  • Go to
  • Login your Account.
  • On your dashboard, view your Airtel Data Balance.

If you want to check your Airtel WiFi/ Router Data Balance, login to your Router IP address at the back of your Router and enter your admin username and password to see check your Airtel WiFi Data Balance.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance Calling Airtel Customer Care Number

The new Airtel customer care number is 111 and if you want to make inquiry regarding your data balance or airtime balance, dial 111 on your Airtel SIM and follow the instructions carefully and you get your Data Balance sent to you via SMS and also called for you on the call.

People also ask:

How can I check my data balance on Airtel?

To check Airtel data balance, dial *323# or follow other methods we have made mention of above.

  • Using USSD code *323#
  • Using My Airtel App (Mobile)
  • Using Airtel Website (online)
  • Using Airtel Customer Care Number (Voice)

How can I check my Airtel balance in Nigeria?

The four methods we explained in this tutorial can work in Nigeria, that is you can use it to check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria.

How can I check my Airtel Nigeria data balance by SMS?

You can use the two following methods to get your Airtel data balance via SMS.

  • USSD code.
  • Airtel Customer Number.

after the prompt, you will get your Data Balance sent to you by SMS.

How do I check my data balance?

You can use My Airtel App to also check your data balance if you have the app installed or you just dial the new Airtel Code for Data Balance in Nigeria.

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