New USSD Code How To Check Glo Balance Account Quick 2024 For Airtime & Data



Glo is known for its unlimited data network in Nigeria and has a huge market margin in the Nigeria telecommunication industry, in this tutorial, we are going to show you all the new Glo codes on how to check airtime balance, data balance, buy data and share data in Nigeria.

So, let’s see all the new USSD codes for Glo in Nigeria without making mistakes.

Note that since all codes are the same for all networks, you do not need to try to memorize for different networks again. This is the New USSD Code To Check Glo Account Balance, let’s see how to check Glo balance with the code.

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There are Three (3) methods to check Glo account balance just like Airtel, which we will list and explain here.

Ways To Check Glo Balance (Airtime & Data)

How To Check Glo Balance

  • Using New Glo USSD Code.
  • Using Glo Cafe App.
  • Using Glo Customer Number.

However, Glo has changed its USSD code from the old code of *777# to the new NCC harmonized code. if you are trying to use the old code and the glo USSD code not working, this is because you are dialling the wrong code.

How To Check Glo Balance Using New Glo USSD Code (Via SMS)

To Check Glo Account balance on any kind of device, one of the quickest methods is using the USSD code for Glo and not the old code any more but the new USSD Code to check the Glo balance which is done like this;

  • Enter Your Device Keypad (dialling screen).
  • Press *310# on any device and Send.
  • Reply to the prompt with “1” and Send. (to check airtime balance)
  • Your Glo Account Balance and Bonus will pop up on your screen.

Also, note that you will get your account balance details also via SMS after this action.

If you are unable to get your account balance using the USSD Code method, then you can try out the alternate method we mention above such as Glo App or calling the Glo Customer care number.

How To Check Glo Balance Using Glo Cafe App (Online)

Just Download the Glo Cafe App from your App Store such as Google PlayStore and Apple App Store,

Create and set up an account on the app.

  • Sign in to the app
  • On your Dashboard, you can boldly see your Account Balance for both Airtime and Data.

Well, this is only for smartphone users and if you are not using one, try out our other methods like USSD code and calling the Glo Customer Care Centre.

How To Check Glo Balance Using Glo Customer Care Number (Voice)

As the USSD Code was changed so the customer care was changed also and which is the same as the harmonized code for other networks.

How To Check Glo Balance Using Glo Customer Care Number, simply call 111 on your Glo line and follow the directions given to you.

Hope this content helps you find a way how to check your Glo account balance, glo airtime balance, glo data balance and a new USSD code to check your Glo Balance in Nigeria.

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