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EasyBuy Loan App is a mobile financial service in Nigeria, that offers pay small – a small model for the consumer (customer) with an interest to buy but have a limited budget for the product they which to buy. Products such as mobile phones, TV, freezer, washing machine, blender, electric fans, speakers, generators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, power banks, etc. etc. With the EasyBuy App install, customers can make an initial payment and split the remaining amount for some months.

EasyBuy is popularly known as the Buy Now, Pay Later method.

In today’s Dosuggest tutorial blog, we are going to look at how EasyBuy Loan works and how to use it, its requirements and all you should know about the EasyBuy loan app.

Talking about the Loan App, let’s see where to get EasyBuy Loan App and how to create an EasyBuy Account plus requirements.

What is EasyBuy All About

EasyBuy is registered in Nigeria as a subsidiary under Palmcredit, Palmcredit is a loan app in Nigeria which they use EasyBuy to lend item instead of cash.

That is you pay 30% of the total about of the product and split the other payment in subsequents months.

But you must have EasyBuy Account and be a verified.

Now, how does someone get started with EasyBuy Loan?

First, you have to create an EasyBuy Account and know how to use the EasyBuy App. Let’s find out how!

Quick Method To Create EasyBuy Account

In order to create an EasyBuy Account, you have to first download and install the EasyBuy loan app. so let get started by showing you where to download EasyBuy app from and how to create account.

If you are an andriod user, kindly head over to Google Playstore and search for EasyBuy.

You will find the EasyBuy app with the logo and depending on the time you are seeing this, EasyBuy has over 1M+ doownload and 3.5 review.

  • Install and Open,
  • Click on Create Account inside the app.
  • Fill in all necessary information and click on register.

Now you have successfully create EasyBuy Account, how to use EasyBuy loan is something you would like to know more about.

There are certain requirement to get verified and be eligible for Loan on EasyBuy.

EasyBuy Loan Requirements

Here are few requirement you must provide to be eligible for EasyBuy Loan and getting your account fully verified;

  • Provide Your BVN.
  • Linking Your ATM Card.
  • Intial Deposit of 30% of Product Price.
  • Source Of Income.

How To Buy With Easybuy

To Buy any item with EasyBuy, you have to find any EasyBuy Agent store near you and go through the EasyBuy process and if you are eligible for the product, you will be given.

Alternatively, you can use the EasyBuy App to find or locate an agent near you.

How To Repay Your Easybuy Loan

If you get smartphone from them, for example.

You will be prompt to repay your EayBuy loan from the App or fund your link account to be debited.

What Is Easybuy Loan Interest Rate?

EasyBuy loan interest rate depends on the repayment plan you chose. EasyBuy Loan rate is usually between 6% and 9% per month.

You pay 9% for the 3 months repayment plan and 6% for the 6 months repayment plan. Using Mathematics Calculator;

Loan Calculator

For 3 months repayment plan

Phone worth=70,000

30% deposit= 21, 000

Interest rate per month= 6,300

The interest rate in 3 months= 18,900

Total amount to be paid=18,900 + 49, 000=67,900 .

For 6 months repayment plan

Phone worth = 50,000

30% deposit= 15,000

Interest rate per month=3,000

The interest rate in 6 months= 18, 000

Total amount to be paid = 18, 000 + 35,000= 53,000.

EasyBuy Head Office

EasyBuy head office is located at Number 9, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can contact them for more information or complaints below;

Phone number: 018888188

Email Address: [email protected]

How To Delete EasyBuy App From Your Phone

If you have experience a sticky message on your phone, telling you about the due date to repay your money for the month.

So, what can you do.

The best way to avoid this is to first delete the app and change your SIM in that phone.

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